Are you ready for your U.S. Part 121 airline certification?

Do you have a robust set of manuals, able to withstand an external audit?

NEW: We now have a set of manuals for Air Safety Support International (ASSI) Certification.

AirlinePubs, LLC has produced a skeleton set of 14 CFR Part 121 Operating Manuals which you can use as is, to kick start your manual system - and significantly shorten your time to certification.

Our Operating Package streamlines the final approval process by including the general policies, procedures, instructions and information that are non aircraft specific, plus formatted templates and placeholders for the rest.

Our Online Publication Service gives your Management Team and Subject Matter Experts the tools they will need to quickly and easily edit content, without worrying about formatting, standardization, structure, or linking.
  • Easy Revisioning and Manual Management
  • CFR references linked to your Compliance Statement and SAI self-audits
  • Personalized Forms
  • EFB Capable
  • Available for Purchase or as a Service
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