Our Publication Service allows authors to quickly and easily make changes to their own manuals and become up to 100% more efficient in the process. FAA, IOSA, and other audits of your manuals take seconds instead of weeks or months.

Our Publication Service is an online based manuals service where authors quickly and easily make changes to their own manuals. They don't worry about formatting, standardization, or structure; they just focus on the content.

All ATOS references are tied in, allowing authors to quickly see if their sections are affected, what the regulatory reference is, and if the same content exists in other manuals. Because of the way we manage the ATOS references, we can tie in IOSA and other reference data into your manual system as well.

As authors make changes, they solicit feedback from other authors and the FAA; all communication is archived in the system for future reference. The FAA quickly approves changes, reducing the amount of time spent waiting for them to approve a revision. When it comes time for FAA audits, they take literally seconds instead of weeks or months.

For SMS, easily track hazards, address them in your manuals, and quickly show corrective actions taken. At the end of the day, we make the manuals process incredibly simple and cost effective so you can focus on your core area of business instead of wasting time and money wrestling with your manuals.